Elevate your brand narrative with this self-paced learning guide, filled with practical strategies and exercises

Brand Storytelling is more than just a chronological presentation of your business or the list of services you provide.

Brand Storytelling is a conversation, is the emotion that you want your customers to feel when they step into your shop, when they buy on your website or when they experience your services.

Brand Storytelling is about clarity, connection, confidence.

In this workbook, you are taking the steps to explore the entire process of Brand Storytelling, from scratch. Discover and practice the IMPRESS Framework, uniquely designed by the Storytelling Studio.

By the end of this process, you will have a COMPLETE Brand Story, together with:

  • content to share across social media platforms
  • email campaigns to promote your Brand Story
  • strategies to generate content ideas and stories
  • the review of your business core elements
  • a framework you can repeat over and over again

Table of Contents

  • Welcome
  • Why is Storytelling important
  • The IMPRESS Framework
  • I – Identify the Audience
  • M – Match the Mission
  • P – Prepare the Ideas
  • R – Reorganize the Content
  • E – Evaluate the Elements
  • S – Structure the Story
  • S – Share the Story
  • Do’s & Don’ts in Storytelling
  • Final Thoughts

why you should have a memorable brand story

Your Brand Storytelling techniques can have numerous goals based on the stage of your business, the action you want people to take when they read it and the emotion you want them to feel.

It can be X clients, X money in revenue or profit, X subscribers to your email list, X followers on your socials, X downloads for your podcast. Decide on your metrics. Be specific.

What is your goal?

Our thanks go to Alexandra Badita who is helping us polish our brand story. The work that was done to date is making our social media posts better already.
Rose Olesen
Co-founder @The Best Breast Vest Co.

what is included in the workbook


You get access to the IMPRESS™ Formula that has been uniquely designed only for the Studio and that we use with all clients in the Storytelling Strategic Sessions.


Explore a structured approach with customized steps that take you from the basics all the way to a full storytelling strategy and content bank.


86 pages of them. Roll up your sleeves, this is about ”learning by doing”. No excuses. You are doing the real work and diving deep into your business and into your story. I promise, it’s actually going to be fun.

I met Alexandra right when I was struggling to launch my new business. I wanted to write my story in the most authentic way, and it felt like Alexandra used a magic wand to give me clarity and structure.
Alina Nisipeanu
Health Coach @HappyBrain

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