Hi, I’m Alex

I’m here to guide you back to yourself and onto the journey to living a meaningful and impressive life.

It’s my mission to support superstars just like you who get a bit distracted from their superpowers and their impressivity.

You are the most impressive magical human being in your life, you are a beam of light and love, you sometimes just forget it. That’s ok.

I forgot it too a while back and I felt so tired all the time, stuck in a 9-to-5 job and a cycle of distorted relationships that left me overwhelmed and disconnected, like my body was moving without me. With constant panic attacks taking over me and major anxiety bulked in my veins, I hit rock bottom.

After seeking therapy, it was the writing exercises from one session to the next that brought me back to myself, to healing and rediscovering my essence and turning the tap on for self love and self esteem.


Fast forward to today, it’s now my mission to share with you these tools and exercises that I’ve been practicing and nurturing into expansion, so that nobody ends up ever again searching their meaning of life on Google.

I’m here to remind you that life is beautiful and you deserve to fall back in love with yourself.


And What Is This Impressivity?


Living your impressivity is about returning to your essence, beyond all layers and rediscovering what lights you up.

This will shift your life from survival to charming the pants off yourself every single day.

This will turn you from your biggest critique to your own raving fan.

Your Impressivity is your essence, your core love and passions that light you up. And everytime you do or see something that lights you up, you are impressed. Impressed with yourself.

This challenges you to get better and feel even more impressed. And instead of living in boredom and tiredness, you feel excited, joyful, vibrant while using your superpower, your impressivity.


So what are you waiting for? It’s time to live your impressivity!



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