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What These IMPRESSIVE Clients Say

  • When I first met Alexandra, I was slightly in a dark space, lonely, crying and in pain from the loneliness and being agitated and blocked from the past. I had a session with her where we dug down on not just my romantic relationships, but my family as well. I had so much takeaway which I remember off by heart!

    Aisha Empowerment Coach
  • I had the privilege to work with Alex. Fun and creative, her workshops create addiction of accomplishment. She creates a safe environment of zero judgement and full support. Alex is the person who I recommend everyone who looks for guidance in their journey towards their happiness.

    Mihaela Educational Consultant

Hi I'm Alex

Nice to meet you!

I'm a Journaling & Storytelling Coach, sharing the magic of all things writing for growth-driven entrepreneurs.

I graduated from journalism and have a background in blogging, media, project management and digital marketing. I combine my skills with the art of coaching and personal development to create memorable experiences in each workshop and course - online or offline.

My mission is to encourage people to impress themselves and express with clarity, inspiration and creativity.

More About Me


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