PRE-SALE: The Art of Storytelling

How to use stories to connect with your audience and get more clients


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**This online course is launching on the 1st September 2020.**


What if you had a magic wand to make your ideal customers fall in love with you and your brand?

I don’t have a wand or fairy dust but it does work like magic.

Storytelling connects your brand with people and builds trust in your business.

When people like and trust you, they are more likely to follow you and take action. They become customers and even more importantly, they recommend your services and products.

Major brands like Apple, Heathrow, Marks & Spencer and so many others have been using storytelling successfully for many years and it shows in the number of raving fans and the brand awareness they have.


This course is for all entrepreneurs who want to build their personal brand and create engagement with their audience. It is also for those who work in marketing, sales, PR, copywriting, recruitment where they need to create brand awareness and attract more leads and customers.


  • Module 1: Who is listening?

Define your audience in depth and create the stories that speak with them

  • Module 2: The story behind the stories

What is the story you are telling to yourself, what is holding you back from being authentic in your storytelling

  • Module 3: Emotions in storytelling

What range of emotions moves people into action and how to create that in writing

  • Module 4: Not everyone likes Cinderella

Why stories and what areas benefit from a good story; Different types of people like different types of stories and how to adapt and customize

  • Module 5: The structure that converts

Deliver your story in the most compelling and catchy way to keep your audience until the end

  • Module 6: Avoid blocks and master the art

Where to find inspiration for your stories, how to overcome writer’s block and the mistakes you want to avoid in order to become a master storyteller



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