Journal for kids: MY FIRST JOURNAL


MY FIRST JOURNAL is a hard-cover journal for kids and young teens.

This is part of the project “Journaling in Schools” which encourages students to keep a journal and write.

Free pencil included

This journal for kids has eight parts
The first six are called modules:

1.Self Awareness

3.Relationships with others

The modules include exercises and questions that kids can answer to in writing and catchy graphics for them colour on the pages

Part seven is dedicated to free writing in order to practice writing in a diary and sharing on paper. Then the eighth section is about imagination and creativity, with special games and fun activities.

My First Journal is an invitation to self discovery and expressing emotions with pen and paper.

Our goal is to make learning fun and support children with engaging tools.

Developing a habit of journaling from early age will nurture their creativity, emotional intelligence and interaction with peers.


© Impressivity by Alexandra
© HUBEDU Globularia

©2021 All Rights Reserved

Printed in Romania

Concept by Alexandra Bădiță & Florina Russu

Design: Florina Russu 

Layout: Alexandra Bădiță

Second Edition

Shipping in Romania and International

For more than 10 copies, email contact@alexbadita.com or academiaglobularia@gmail.com


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