What Previous Clients Say

I’m beginning to feel more confident and I feel more like my old self. I just had to realise a lot of the things I do daily and remember that I’m actually an amazing person, irrespective of being in a relationship or not. This course was exactly what I needed, it has given me the support and kick in the bum to help move on.
Lynda B.
At the end of last year I asked God to send me only wonderful people my way… You are the first one this year. There have been moments in my life when I had forgotten about who I was and what I wanted to do. With you I remembered how much I used to like writing my thoughts and putting them onto paper with clarity.
Cornelia M.
Financial Consultant
When I first met Alexandra, I was slightly in a dark space, lonely, crying and in pain from the loneliness and being agitated and blocked from the past. I had one hour talk with her where we dug down on not just my romantic relationships, but my family as well. I had so much takeaway which I remember off by heart!
Empowerment Coach
I had the privilege to work with Alex. Fun and creative, her workshop creates addiction of accomplishment. She creates a safe environment of zero judgement and full support. Alex is the person who I recommend everyone who looks for guidance in their journey towards their happiness.
Mihaela C.
I have attended Alexandra’s Workshop and it really helped me to understand more about Self Love. She was very patient and helpful to make me understand word meaning like Self Worth , Self Value which were new to me. Imagine your life until your mid 30s and not knowing these terms or even understanding them. It is hard to implement them. If we need to learn something more in life is how to truly self love despite adversities, mistakes and failures. We could always have more help in this area of Self Love. Alexandra is dedicated and very keen in helping in this field. I wish that she can provide value to more people and make difference in their life.
I am so grateful for the self-publishing course you organised online. It was fabulous, with so many useful tools, I got clarity and felt the courage to start writing my book and be efficient. I met amazing people during the course and it was very creative and useful. You are an amazing human being, with dedication for your work, thank you and I recommend your course.
Cris G.
Beauty Expert
I signed up for the course on self-publishing after a friend told me about it. My intention was to get structure and clarity for writing my book. I was thinking to look for all the info myself, do the research and ask other people who wrote books, but after I took the course, I realised I made the best possible investment of money and time. Alex touched upon all steps of the process and created an easy-to-follow guide. I loved the structure and the content, and also her dedication and authenticity in delivering the information. I achieved my goal and fully recommend her self-publishing course. Thank you, Alex!
Mihaela A.
Career Coach
Alex is a warm and well-organized person. She has a lot of patience with the participants. I highly recommend her blogging course because it offers many practical and valuable advice, it's a great introduction for anyone who wants to start a blog. You leave the course with courage and confidence that you can do it, even if you have no experience in blogging.
Oana V.
Self Care Practitioner
I spent a few hours with you and the girls in the copywriting course and I was delighted by your creativity, you brought so much inspiration, really enjoyed it. Glad to have met you, you are great!
Cristina F.
I enjoyed reading “Write Your Way To Happiness”. It’s a nice easy read with some very useful tips on why we should all write. For example, as soon as you wake up write down your thoughts or the dreams you had. All in all this is a book worth reading to get you kick started into the reasons why writing can be so therapeutic and lead you on your way to more happiness.
Absolutely loved reading this book and found the writing exercises really helpful. Very well written and you can feel its true authenticity of the author. I am truly grateful for knowing the author of this book. Alexandra is so authentic, wonderful person and a great coach. Thank you so much!
“Write your way to Happiness” is a very easy to read book with lots of useful tips to help you on the path to happiness. A lot of what the author says resonates with me and there’s new things to try too. She shares her own personal stories too which always makes for an interesting read.