Journaling for Healing Trauma

Life-altering events can leave deep wounds and journaling for healing trauma can be part of the process to getting to the light.

In the second episode of Live Your Impressivity Show Podcast, I invited Christine Bergsma, Founder and CEO of Journaling Through, to talk about journaling for holistic healing after life altering events.

What is holistic healing?

This is an approach I love taking in my programs and coaching sessions too, because it looks at the individual as a whole. If you heal only one part, the band-aid will eventually fall off. Holistic healing means addressing the entire system, mind, body and soul. It’s a “holy triangle” as I like to call it, or “the trifecta”, as Christine calls it.

When do you know you are healed?

Everyone is different, the healing process can take as long as it needs to take.

Grief, loss, infertility, emotional eating, they all bring highly intense emotions that carry heavy memories and wounds. The first glimpse of healing starts with accepting your journey and being ok with the situation.

Healing starts when you don’t feel the emotions as intense as you used to and they don’t last as long. It’s a process, not a quick step from A to B.

As you start navigating through the intensity of your emotions, keep on journaling and reflecting:
After the intense moment passes, how are you sustainably going to have support and self care in your life?

How can you support someone who is going through a life-altering event?

Take care of yourself first, be clear about where you stand in this situation and journal about it.

Then reach out with a simple “Thinking of you” text or card to your dear one going through the healing process. Let them know you are there for them whenever they are ready.

Also, respect their boundaries. Set some healthy boundaries for yourself too and respect what those who are going through grief or health challenges ask for.

What do screenwriting and journaling have in common?

You are the protagonist of your story and you learn from the obstacles, just like the character of a movie or play goes on a journey of transformation.

You may write your story in your journal from a different character’s perspective, to shed some more light in the darkness.

Ask yourself and journal: What type of role models do you have? How can you incorporate their qualities in your life?

Also bring an antagonist side and ask about how you feel about someone else’s journey, see how it affects you.

Don’t censor yourself, write in your journal to free your mind and soul, this will support your journey with journaling for healing trauma.

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