journaling at the end of the week

Journaling at the end of the week for a fresh start

Putting pen to paper is definitely a great way to reflect on your wins and lessons. When you seem to not find the time on a daily basis, you can still try journaling at the end of the week.

Reflection is an essential practice for our self growth. Only by looking at our own experience with a fresh perspective, we can put judgement aside and forgive ourselves. This is continuous transformation.

Personally, I love my evening journal routine, plus setting aside some time on a Sunday evening, pour a glass of wine and light a candle on my balcony. Then just write down my thoughts about the last 7 days.

Here is some inspiration to use for journaling at the end of the week:

  1. Write about your wins

Any action that took you closer to your goals, any steps that you didn’t celebrate during the week are worth writing down. This is your moment to feel grateful and even do a little happy dance if you want 🙂

2. Write about your lessons

Maybe you had a really rough week and you are so relieved it’s finally over. Journal about what you have learned and how you felt throughout those moments. Bring some light and let it all go.

3. Set your intention for the next week

Check your agenda and see what you have planned for your next days. Set yourself the intention for the week and prepare emotionally and mentally for how you will conquer the week and make it successful.

There it is. Nothing fancy, nothing difficult. All you need is 10 minutes and a journal. Glass of wine is optional. Let me know what other benefits you find in journaling at the end of the week.

Journaling at the end of the week

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