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How to Prepare for Any Business Negotiation

Can you use leadership journaling when learning how to prepare for business negotiation?

Negotiation is defined as a mutual discussion and arrangement of the terms of a transaction or agreement.

Whether it is a business negotiation or a partners’ conversation, can you really prepare for it?

Despite the general perception that you can either win or lose a negotiation, the real meaning of this term is to leave both parties feeling that they are winners. Compromise is balance, as well as meeting halfway and prioritising what is best for everyone in the given situation.

In business, this means having clarity over what is important and what is nice-to-have. Of course, it is equally important to know what is non-negotiable and needs to stay on the table.

How to use Journaling in Negotiation?

As I like to say, ”clarity is the queen of confidence”, so why not make this clear list in your leadership journal before entering a negotiation?

Knowing how to prepare for business negotiation will get you one step closer to a successful meeting.

What is mandatory and what is flexible? Can you define your expectations? What do you think the other person wants?

Besides, studies show that Emotional Intelligence is one of the most important skills for winning any negotiation.

Therefore, you can use a negotiation journal for observing your emotions throughout the process, learn and get better at understanding yourself.

Do you give up easily?

Does your negotiation partner make you feel intimitated?

Do you feel confident?

Write these feelings down and reflect on your inner process.

In this episode of Live Your Impressivity Podcast Show, I had a really interesting conversation with my guest, Eugene Loc, all the way from Thailand, about tehniques such as leadership journaling and EFT to enhance emotional intelligence and master the art of negotiation.

Eugene is the Negotiation Expert in Helping Overwhelmed Coaches & Entrepreneurs Maximize Revenue, Make People Heard, Felt & Understood, Tap into Emotional Empathy & Negotiate High-Quality Solutions Without Breaking a Sweat.

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