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Feeling Anxiety? Try These 3 Tips For Journaling During Coronavirus

Did you know that journaling during coronavirus times boosts the IMMUNE SYSTEM? Because a body that holds onto stress and tension cannot fight as strong as a happy and calm body.

If you haven’t been prioritising yourself before, now is the time to do so, because it’s your responsibility to be well so that you can make sure those around you are well too. If you have experienced any fear, anxiety or worry during the past few days, I invite you to give writing a try for overcoming these emotions.

Below I’m going to share with you 3 tips on journaling for challenging times:

Journaling Exercise #1: Gratitude

We forget that what is, is already enough. I got reminded of this through meditation and I understood that this is what is going to support us. Instead of going and buying things that we don’t need and instead of being trapped in this consumerism society, we understand that what we already have is enough and gratitude comes from what already is. Think about all the people you have in your life, think about your family, your friends, everyone around you who is there to support you. Send your gratitude to them.

Then think about the things in your life you have been taking for granted, be grateful for the lessons that come your way and be grateful even for the anxiety and fear that come up. These feelings are here to teach you something.

I invite you to journal about what you are grateful for, everything in your life and everyone around you. Journaling during coronavirus on gratitude will reconnect you with higher and more positive vibes and it will bring a lot more to your soul. Do it as much as possible and as often as possible.

Journaling Exercise #2: Mantras

This next exercise for journaling during coronavirus comes from the Ho’oponopono practice that you might have heard about. It is about creating a mantra that will support you in how to reconnect with yourself and come back to your inner self, your inner home. Because we are all exposed to the news, the anxiety, fear and panic, and there is no better way to cope with this than to come back home to ourselves and listening to our inner voice, our intuition, our essence.

Ho’oponopono brings together gratitude and love and the mantra says: “Please forgive me. / I’m sorry. / I love you. / Thank you.”

You can start by writing this down so that you embody the meaning of it and start repeating it. Then you can move onto creating your own affirmations. You can start by addressing your mantra to yourself and then redirecting it to the people around you – extending it from your surroundings, your community, your street, to your city, your country and the whole planet. We are all in this together and we are going through this in a collective global way. This is our opportunity to raise the collective consciousness and heal together.

I invite you to write your own personal affirmations down because this way you will embody them better and, who knows, maybe you will end up with other feelings coming up and contine to journal about. Remember to come back to gratitude and love because this will redirect the healing energy from inside out.

Journaling Exercise #3: Intention

We can choose to act from fear during these times and stay under the collective feeling of fear or we can choose to take a different path. We can choose to act from love. I encourage you for this exercise of journaling during coronavirus to let go of the fear. Every time you speak with someone or when you make a decision in your business or in your personal life, make sure that you choose from love instead of fear.

You may start with journaling the affirmation “I choose from love instead of fear” and “I choose love instead of fear” and this will reinforce your belief in the power of love. Then you can write about all the moments when you feel fear. Journal about how it shows up for you, the anxiety, the frustration, because for each of us it’s different.

At first, you might be in denial, you might notice some negative feelings coming up but you don’t know what they are. Just sit down and put pen to paper to see how fear is running the show and then explore how you can turn it into love. Set this intention for you of choosing love. Fear will not give you any answers, it will be only from love. However, you first need to embrace the fear and then move forward to love.

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