Evening Journal For Better Sleep

We are all unique and I believe that we need to follow what works for us. So if your morning routine can’t fit journaling it, you might want to try an evening journal.

Keeping a morning journal is absolutely amazing, and whether you add to and evening journal or you just write before bedtime, I promise you will see results.

Journaling before going to bed will support you in evaluating your day and it will also help with freeing up space in your mind. You put your thoughts down to paper so you don’t ruminate them while trying to fall asleep. This will masively impact your sleeping patterns especially if you’ve been struggling with insomnia.

When you choose to write in your journal at the end of the day, there are a few exercises I like using and I will share with you too. (If you prefer skipping all the way to the video version of this, scroll down to the end of the article.)

Free writing to evaluate your day

Feel free to put down in your evening journal anything that stayed with you from the day. Maybe there was a negative event or a funny story or something that made an impact on your day. If it pops up in your mind, write it down and go deeper into how it makes you feel.

Gratitude evening journal

Just as important as in the morning, gratitude is a must to honour the day and all the small and big things that have crossed your path. Ending your day with gratitude brings a sense of peace and helps you to go to bed on a positive note.

Lessons of the day

Sometimes we have a tendency to get judgemental about our actions and when we put our head down on the pillow we start thinking about how we could have done it better or what we could have said better. This is what is going to keep you up at night. Instead, write down the lessons you have gained from the situations that didn’t go as you wanted. What did you learn? This will also help you to let it go.

Evening Journal Ending Formula

If you don’t know what this is about, you can check out the morning journal routine where I end my writing sessions with a formula or a mantra. I do the same when I write in my evening journal. My mantra is “Thank you, I love you”. And I stick to it, morning or evening. Find one that resonates with you and use it to mark the end of your journaling session.

Also, if you are just looking to start out using an evening journal, you might want to make this as easy as possible. Place your journal next to your bed or on a table close by after you brush your teeth and finish your routine and get ready to go to bed. This way, it will be easier to use the journal, rather than going to a great extent to simply acces it.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes, looking forward to hearing your experience with the evening journal.

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