50 wins journaling exercise

50 wins in 2020 (Journaling Exercise)

Since 2017 I started doing this 50 wins journaling exercise every year in December.

I know 2020 hasn’t been the year we have imagined, but we can still put on our positive glasses and see the good things in it. Even if your list simply consists of “I survived this year”, be proud of yourself! This is a major win!

It’s important before we set goals and intentions for the New Year to understand the value of our lessons and our wins. There are no small or big victories, there are steps in our journey. It is progress.

How to do the 50 wins journaling exercise

You can simply sit down with your journal and pen and start writing a list. Think of each month of the year and choose 3-4 wins per month. If you get stuck, think deeper, think harder, think of the smallest things you were grateful for throughout the year. Refer back to your journal if you have been keeping one and check to see what wins and lessons you missed on your list. Don’t stop until you have 50 items on your list.

If this free writing exercise feels difficult for you, I have prepared a set of questions to get you started:

1. Is there something you did for the first time?

2. Is there something new that you learned?

3. Is there a book or a movie that inspired you?

4. Have you been aligned with your values?

5. Have you started a new routine?

6. Did you let go of a bad habit?

7. Have you improved and felt healthier, happier, more compassionate?

Remember, you are only comparing yourself to your previous self, you are winning with every step that helps you make progress.

Check out the video below for more details on this writing exercise:

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