For the impressive Digital Lovers

If you like learning at your own pace, you rock at accountability and self-discipline and you love having everything handy on your laptop or smartphone, then you will love the online impressivity world. All courses give you lifetime access to the information, so you can always come back.

For the In-Person Learners

When you're in a room with people, the energy grows through the roof and the knowledge can be 10x if you interact with each other, stay open and non-judgemental and share your insights. I host workshops mainly in Romania and UK, but you never know when the next workshop is coming to your town.

For the high-level superstars

This is about you! Focusing on your own impressivity, discovering, reconnecting, nurturing, bringing it to life or taking it to the next level. Wherever you're at, this is a dedicated program for The Impressive You, where we work close together for 12 weeks to impress your own self EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

For employers who care about their teams

Happy employees are 20% more productive at their workplace. So these trainings are different, for the managers who care about their teams' mental health and well-being and who are not shy to talk about mindfulness, self-esteem and expressive business writing.