Interested in offering a boost of impressive energy and mindfulness to your team and support them in being happier and more productive?

These are some topics I cover in the workshops I offer to corporate teams:

  • Business Journaling for Clarity, Performance and Creativity
  • The Art of Storytelling in Business for Connecting with your Audience
  • Emotional Intelligence for Leaders & High Performing Teams


“I thought this was very relevant for my job, as I do many presentations, so I’m trying to put a spin of a story in the presentation now”

“The most memorable moment was the importance of the story, the message; not only if you are able to make people laugh, or cry, but also how you make them feel”

“Really enjoyable – Alex was engaged throughout!”

Leave a message to ask for an offer and I will come back to you in max 48 hours to schedule a call or a meeting and a proposal.